Want to impress your friends with some really cool songs on the guitar? Try one of our fun and friendly £10.00 TRIAL guitar lessons and let us guide you on your journey to learning the guitar!

Book A Trial LessonHow It Works
How It Works

First browse our courses then complete our contact form. We’ll be in touch within 12 hours to book your trial lesson. Afterwards we’ll evaluate your performance, build a lesson plan, then you can enroll for weekly sessions.


Our Guitar Courses

Because every guitar student is different, we offer a variety of courses to meet each student’s specific requirements.

Beginners Guitar Lessons Crawley

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Professional guitar tuition in the comfort of your home. Master the basics, gain confidence and learn the songs you love in our Beginner Guitar Lessons Crawley course.

Kids Guitar Lessons Crawley

Guitar Lessons For Kids

Introduce your child to the world of music with our Kids Guitar Lessons Crawley! Your child will benefit from weekly homework, a structured syllabus and regular progress reports while keeping their learning on track.
Electric Guitar Lessons Crawley

Electric Guitar Lessons

Become the best player you can be with our Electric Guitar lessons Crawley. From basic legato techniques to tapping, shredding and sweeping arpeggios, we’ll help you gain the skills to help your guitar playing stand out from the crowd!
Acoustic Guitar Lessons Crawley

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Either playing guitar with friends on a lazy day or becoming the next Ed Sheeran, let us teach you the skills you need to take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level with our Acoustic Guitar Lessons Crawley.

Book Your Trial Guitar Lesson

First of all, browse our courses then book your 30mins TRIAL guitar lesson for only £10.00 by filling out our contact form. We’ll be in touch ASAP!


Your Evaluation Report

During your trial lesson we’ll assess your abilities and send you our report & our plan to improve your guitar playing with weekly homework & evaluation.


After your successful trial guitar lesson we’ll agree a weekly lesson schedule, take payment and get you started on your journey to being a better guitar player.

The Trial Lesson

First of all we’ll evaluate your current skill level and put together a programme to get you better results on your journey to being a better guitar player.

From Technique, sight-reading, improvisation and repetoire, we’ll cover all bases during our trial guitar lesson.

Maybe you have an idea of what you want from your lessons? We listen to YOUR requirements and build that into our guitar tuition.

How to get better guitar technique with guitar tutor Crawley
Basic skills, important chords and scales to develop the students guitar technique.
How to learn to solo

In other words, ‘making it up’ ! For example, do you dream of that playing that perfect  guitar solo?

Learn sight reading with guitar tutor crawley

Since we aren’t with you everyday, you learn to read music to play more songs!

Learn more guitar songs with a guitar tutor in Crawley

You probably know what songs you love, right? We listen to your requests and put that into your guitar lessons.



We continually check our guitar lessons costs for competitiveness and hope you’ll find us the best value for money in your area.


per guitar lesson in Crawley

Available to our Guitar Lessons for Kids and adult Beginners Guitar Lessons in Crawley.


per guitar lesson in Crawley

Recommended for our young adults students and beginners to intermediate adult guitar lessons.


per guitar lesson in Crawley

Guitar tuition for higher-level intermediate players and students studying advanced techniques.


Guitar lessons for Birthdays, Christmas or the perfect retirement gift ideas


Unleash your inner guitar hero

Let’s turn your guitar playing up to 11 with our electric guitar lessons in Crawley.

Minor pentatonic shred, blues licks, drop tuned riffs, tips and tricks

to achieve legendary licks and tones in your home.

Only £25.00 (per guitar lesson in Crawley)


Guitar Lessons For Kids

Giving kids the chance to enjoy music at their own pace whilst having fun & engaging guitar lessons.

Student for Kids Guitar Lessons Crawley

School quality education in your home
Since we offer gradings that are fully accredited by every UK regulatory body, therefore our grades are worth just as much as traditional exam boards, including UCAS points from grades 6-8.

Taking the hassel out of guitar lessons
Because we offer our guitar lessons for kids in the comfort and safety of your own home, the result? We leave more time for you.

Your child’s guitar lesson includes…

  Structured Lessons       ✔  Weekly Homework         Regular Progress Reporting         Exam Grades         In-Home Guitar Lesson         GCSE Help       ✔  Competitive Prices       

Guitar tutor Crawley with Rockschool


Course Benefits

Enjoyable and Fun

Besides being enjoyable, fun and engaging, your child learns guitar in the comfort and security of your own home.

Learn Songs They Love

Since Our Guitar Lessons For Kids Crawley course focuses on songs kids know, students learn the basics of guitar while learning the songs they love.

Child Development

Did you know music lessons help your child’s personal development? Confidence, social skills, patience, discipline and memory skills.

Only £18.00 (per guitar lesson in Crawley)

Enroll Now on this Programme.

Either you’re a complete beginner or are already learning, our evaluation and plan to take you to the next stage aims to make you better than you ever thought you’d be. Just get in touch to find out more about our guitar tutors in Crawley.

Flexible Lesson Times

Of course different students learn at different rates. We offer 30/45/60mins lesson slots to help get the most out of students classes. 

Regular Reporting

As well as helping our students progress, we include regular progress reports to make sure the student is right on track.

Unlock Your Potential

With our bespoke guitar tuition we work with our students to maximise their playing potential, through weekly technical exercises and songs.

Love Your Lessons

Above all we want you to love your learning experience with us. We ask our students what they’d love to learn and bring that into our guitar programme.


Guitar Lessons For Beginners

With patience and application we aim to drive our beginners guitar lessons students onto the next level and to playing and enjoying the music they love.


Learn guitar the right way

For all ages of all abilities
Our Guitar Lessons for Beginners course is delivered with weekly in your home guitar lessons and bespoke to their needs. No one is ever too old to learn, we offer Adult guitar lessons and recommend kids starting at 6+ years.

It’s easier than you think
It really is. Each tutor at Guitar In Your Home has a different teaching style, which is important as 1-2-1 coaching is all about interaction between 2 people, so we are sure we can find you the right tutor for you.


Course Benefits

Enjoyable and Fun

Enjoyable, fun and engaging guitar lessons for beginners in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Learn Songs You Love

Our Guitar Lessons For Beginners Crawley course takes children from the basics of holding the guitar to reading simple music & playing the songs you really love.

Gain Confidence to play Live

Every student needs a confidence boost to play in front of others. We get that and work on that with you.

Only £25.00 (per guitar lesson in Crawley)

Enroll Now on this Programme.


Strike a chord

Enjoy learning the acoustic guitar with our Acoustic Guitar Lessons Crawley course.

From basic chords and tunes to advanced fingerstyle and rhythmic techniques, our guitar tutors in Crawley have you covered. 

Guitar Lesson Videos: Latest Uploads
What our students say about us
Read some genuine testimonials from students past and present and then get in touch with us

“I booked a lesson with Matt when looking for guitar teachers near me & instantly became hooked. Lessons are always different, fun & rewarding”.

Mark B.

Electric Guitar Lessons

“I never dreamt I’d be singing and playing guitar to my own song after just 4 lessons. Looking forward to more”. Sally W.

Singer/Songwriter Guitar Lessons

“Full of enthusiasm, support and patience, excellent in encouraging me to learn at my own pace”. Rosie C.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons


Our Guitar Tutors in Crawley

Our guitar teachers in Crawley pool together a combined experience of 80 years worth of guitar playing, with different styles, techniques, international performances and studio recordings.

They have already chosen us for their guitar tutors

We are thrilled to be Crawley’s top home guitar tuition school and we want to help you like our many other students. Drop us a line and let us show you how we can help you too.
” I loved that he asked me what kind of music I wanted to play, but also encouraged me to play songs that pushed my skills. I enjoyed every lesson. Rock onnnn!!”. Elise G.

Electric Guitar Lessons

Guitar Teacher Crawley contact details

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